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Chess - Discuss today at hempforum.com

Andrei Volokitin won the Vidmar Memorial, a round robin held in Bled, Slovenia. The Ukrainian grandmaster finished on 7/9, half a point more than Arkadij Naiditsch. The Netherlands had Max Euwe, Germany had Emanuel Lasker and Slovenia had Milan Vidmar (1885–1962). In those days chess was usually not a profession, and Vidmar had his own career as well. He was a doctor in mechanical engineering and worked at the University of Ljubljana. The Electric Power Research Institute there still bears his name. But of course Vidmar was also an absolute top class player in the first couple of decades of the 20th century. He played for the top prizes among bigger names such as Capablanca, Alekhine and Rubinstein.

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RE: Chess - Discuss today at hempforum.com

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